//Research student Universiteit Maastricht – Alizé

Alizé is een derdejaars studente aan de Universiteit van Maastricht met grote interesse voor sociaal ondernemerschap. Zij gaat onderzoeken hoe Amalied de transparantie in haar gegevens aan derden kan verbeteren. Daarnaast gaat Alizé een evaluatiemethode ontwerpen voor het Amalied programma, zodat ons programma constant beoordeeld en aangepast kan worden aan de behoeften van het kind.

My name is Alizé Huberlant, 21 years old, and I come from Belgium. I am currently in my 3rd year Maastricht University, focusing on social and environmental entrepreneurship. The reason why I wanted to work with Amalied is because I think it’s a beautiful project, which focuses on building a strong future for every child by reinforcing their self-esteem, and inspiring them. Having spent two years in a United World College, I realized the importance to encounter different nationalities, cultures, and hear their stories. It helped me become more conscious and respectful towards the other, and the ‘unknown’ as well. I believe that Amalied is even taking it one step further by targeting younger children; the younger they are taught values of open-mindness and cultural sensitivty, the better prepared they are to participate in an integrated society. I see that Amalied has an enormous potential for a multicultural society like the Dutch one. The way I envision my role is by investigating how the foundation can enhance its transparency and appeal to external stakeholers, with the support of academic research and surveys. I would love to contribute to the growth of Amalied by linking its offerings to real-world demand as well setting up a method of evaluation for the program, so that it can constantly be reviewed, and adapted to the needs of the children.

Cheers Alizé,
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